One gorgeous summer day when I was eleven, my parents locked me out of the house so I would play outside instead of being ‘holed up in my room reading’-mom and brent visit 031-but I sneaked a book outside and just read on the front steps instead.

My reading life has continued full steam ahead for another 40-some years. For several years when my children were young I worked part time in both an independent bookstore and a children’s bookstore–it was there I developed my love of mid-list fiction and developed the passion for finding just the right book for our customers.

Now I read more in our glorious Michigan summers than any other time, as the school year sees me busy teaching high school English (see my classroom blog at Ms. Larson’s Room) and grading papers. I try to instill in “my kids” the joy of reading and the power of writing, but it’s an uphill battle.

Since I’m no longer a book seller, I content myself with blogging my reviews. At home, it’s just me, my hubby, two cats, and a dog. My three grown children are out on their own, and my grandchildren Jonas and Luna bring me smiles and snuggles and wet, sloppy kisses.