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my word of the yearMy word of the year for 2017 is unfold. And I’m pretty sure I’m in love with it. The idea of choosing a word to focus on is gaining popularity, but my prompt came from writer and photographer Susannah Conway whose website is a treasure trove of gentle nudges to think. Reflect. Transform. And dare I say … unfold! (Subscribe to her email and you’ll get access to all sorts of goodies: e-books, online courses, and her blog. I’ve also started her e-book journal Unravel Your Year which has provided me with a beautiful framework to think about the year ahead.)  I like the fact that unfold can be both receptive and generative–I can unfold and receive what life has to offer; I can unfold myself and offer back to the world what I discover.  Such a gentle word with a touch of mystery–the perfect focus for this new year. Many thanks to friend Denice for steering me towards this idea …

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