Dreams do come true

Pocket Full of Dreams
David B. Burch

Writer David Burch and his young family were  God-sent neighbors for me when I was a struggling single mom twenty years ago. David tied my boys’ ties and played catch with them; Joan and I spent many summer hours heart-to-heart while the kids ate picnic lunches in the driveway and played the afternoon away; we ate countless Little Caesars pizza specials while playing cards late into the night. And at a time when my own faith was rocky, I’d watch Dave, Joan, and all three of their little ones drive off to mass each Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

People who struggle through life’s hardships may turn one direction or another. They can harden their hearts and clench tight to whatever blessings they’ve received, or they can open their hearts and share freely and generously. The Burchs are givers. And now David’s memoir Pocket Full of Dreams is his gift to a wider audience. In it he shares with us the abuse he suffered, the poverty he endured, and the wrong turns he took. He remembers with gratitude the men and women who were so instrumental in shaping him. And perhaps best of all, David speaks poignantly about the love of his life, Joan, and the faith they share. Dave and Joan have seen tough times and abundance, but in whatever circumstance they found themselves, they knew their greatest treasure was love.

This self-published book can be ordered online davidbburch.com  or purchased at Schulers Book Stores. David also has booked speaking engagements at northern Michigan Rotaries, libraries, craft shows, and bookstores,  Pocket Full of Dreams is competently written–although its real beauty is the story of a life gone right.


  1. noreply@blogger.com' says

    Jeff, one of David’s friends, loaned this book to me. It was a real page turner as I read about David’s hard time growing up and how he succeeded in spite of it. It is a real lesson in determination and having faith in oneself. I highly recommend this book to anyone.

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